Application Program Interface or simply API is basically a set of tools, routines and protocols that are designed for the development of different software applications. The truth is, API specifies how the software components should interact with one another. Not only that, APIs are often used when programming Graphical User Interface or GUI components

One sign that you are using a reliable API is when it provides the essential building blocks of creating a program. This as a result makes the process more streamlined and at the same time, simpler. Then, with the skills and experience of a seasoned programmer, they are putting all those blocks together in order to create a fully functional application.

There are different types of APIs that are made for different platforms such as applications, websites or operating systems. To give you a quick example, Windows operating system has varying types of APIs. The set of API in system are used both by the hardware as well as the applications installed in it. Truth is, whenever you copy and paste a text or image from one application to the next, it’s actually the API that’s at work.

Most of the operating environments such as Microsoft Windows provide APIs that help programmers in writing apps while maintaining consistency with the OS environment. Nowadays, APIs can be integrated to the websites. For an example, there are a number of online marketplaces that you can find today. These marketplaces have allowed programmers to use their existing retail infrastructure to create a specialized web store. Third party software programmers on the other hand make use of web APIs in making software solutions for consumers. Learn more also about API integration platform.

As you read the following lines, you’ll find out the popular APIs that are used across the internet.

Google Maps API

With this API, programmers were able to embed Google Maps on different websites simply by using Flash interface or JavaScript. Google Maps API is made to work too on desktop browsers or even on your smart phones.

YouTube API

As a matter of fact, YouTube as well as Google APIs have allowed developers to use YouTube videos and its functionalities to websites or apps. YouTube APIs include several other APIs like YouTube Data API, YouTube Player APIs, YouTube Live Streaming API, YouTube Analytics API and a lot more.

Twitter API

This comes with two kinds of API within the system, one is REST API that allows developers to have easy access to the website’s core data and the Search API, providing methods for programmers to interact with Trends and Twitter Search data. 
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